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Welcome to ChabadPulse, a multi-media platform for the Chabad community focused on stimulating and hosting productive conversations about the future of us.

This isn’t really anything original. These kinds of conversations have been happening anytime and anywhere two Lubavitchers spend a little time together. But until now, these conversations have been disconnected from a wider network. A good debate at a Shabbos table that goes nowhere once the guests go home, A spirited bullshove/DMC in a yeshiva/seminary dorm that fizzles away as soon as the guys/girls finally go to bed. Outside the occasional op-ed that goes viral, the shelf-life on the important conversations and debates we’re having, and the energy that they generate, is quite limited.

ChabadPulse exists to try and change all that. The singular goal of this platform is to create a space where we as a community can start talking to each other in a meaningful way. In a way that eventually leads to real solutions to the challenges we face.

Because these challenges are many. And though they aren’t all new, almost all have a fresh twist, a fresh complication courtesy of the insistent culture that surrounds us and ever-more reliably finds a way to leak in.

To this point, our approach has been almost purely reactive. An issue springs up —usually one that’s been festering under the surface for years, now having been thrust into the public consciousness by some scandal or incident—  and sends us into a panic.

“How could this be happening” we cry, and then launch into a search for solutions that’s invariably short on serious thought, preparation, and coordination, and long on emotion and angst. And that’s if we react at all, which these days is far from a given. Just as likely is a slow, passive acceptance of our new reality after the initial outcry.

This isn’t the way our Rebbeim taught us to approach the world. This isn’t the way Chabad chassidim are supposed to face the trials that come their way.

It’s time for something different.

This is the gap ChabadPulse will seek to fill, starting out with two primary avenues: A podcast and an opinion website.

We begin with the podcast, which has already launched and is available on ChabadPulse.com and all major podcast apps and services. To begin listening, just click here.  The show is structured as an interview show, each episode featuring a guest who can offer useful experience and expertise on a specific issue we’re dealing with. The goal is to produce conversations that enlighten, clarify, and inspire, giving us the tools and the opportunity to start working towards proactive solutions.

The first episode features an interview with the Principal of Hamesivta, Rabbi Moishe Leiblich, where he discusses some of the chinuch challenges we’re facing today, and what we can be doing to meet them. If you like what you hear, please consider subscribing, liking, and rating our show positively on the app or service of your choosing.

The opinion website is built on ideas and will launch next week, G-d willing. We’re building a roster of great writers, and we hope to provide a steady stream of articles that pose thoughtful questions, offer interesting ideas, and make entertaining observations about the way we’re living now and in the future. The goal is to provoke productive conversation here too, and it is our sincere hope that the ChabadPulse.com comment section  will be a place that you will want to spend time discussing, debating, and learning.

The shape of both these projects, as well as any future ones, will depend heavily on your involvement as a reader and listener. We need to know what you think, we need to hear your reactions to the things we post, and we need your ideas. We want you to be active commenters, and we want to know who you’d like to hear featured on the podcast. You can make your voice heard in the comment section, or you can email us at chabadpulse@gmail.com.

We hope you enjoy and get involved.

Thanks for giving us a shot,

Sholom Nemanow

Editor and host, ChabadPulse.





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ChabadPulse is a podcast + forum with a singular goal: to stimulate productive conversations and viable ideas about the challenges facing the Chabad Lubavitch community.

ChabadPulse is hosted and edited by Sholom Nemanow, a Lubavitcher and Crown Heights resident. The platform is entirely privately owned, and accepts no support payment from any organization or institution.

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