Episode #1 – The ChabadPulse Podcast


Rabbi Moishe Lieblich, Principal of Hamesivta (ULY Ocean Parkway) joins the inaugural episode of the show to discuss the chinuch challenges he sees our community facing. We discuss the genesis of some of these issues, and explore some of the ways we can begin addressing them. Host of the show Sholom Nemanow introduces the ChabadPulse podcast and explains the why’s and how’s of it all.

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About ChabadPulse

ChabadPulse is a podcast + forum with a singular goal: to stimulate productive conversations and viable ideas about the challenges facing the Chabad Lubavitch community.

ChabadPulse is hosted and edited by Sholom Nemanow, a Lubavitcher and Crown Heights resident. The platform is entirely privately owned, and accepts no support payment from any organization or institution.

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